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Another set of Celeb Leaks


imageAfter Jennifer Lawrence it is now time to see what hackers have about Kim Kardashian. Private photographs of Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens, which appears to be naked, are publicly leaked and shared on the social network. As usual, Reddit and 4Chan were the sites used by the hackers to release the photos publicly.

Security Blogger, Graham Cluley, suggests that these images could be leaked much earlier and many years old. Online accounts of these celebs might have compromised much earlier but the compromised photos found their space in the internet just recently.

From a security standpoint, it shows the importance of protecting your accounts at various providers. In most of these events, it is not the cloud service providers who are affected. Instead, it is the individual accounts of these celebrities got hacked, data stolen and eventually published / leaked in the internet.

Today, many of the popular service providers offer better authentication methods. It is up to the subscribers to use these added security features and many of us failed to use these security features such as two factor authentication. The common reason we talk about are the convenience vs security and most of the time, easiness or convenience takes the precedence. It eventually ends up in incidents like this.

Key take away for individuals are :

  1. Think before taking nude photo’s. In today’s world of “Internet of Things” it is not difficult for these photos to end up in the internet
  2. Store the private information, private. Most of the websites are not really private. You should not assume that these photos are going to be private forever at these website providers custody
  3. Once stored, even if you delete those files, it will remain in some storage location of these sites. Which could eventually lead to resurrection
  4. Keep strong passwords and enable 2 factor authentication
  5. Monitor your account activities so that you would come to know about potential access to your account by others.

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