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Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET)


The Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) provides  users with a systematic and repeatable approach for  assessing the cyber security posture of their industrial  control system networks. This tool also includes both  high-level and detailed questions applicable to all  industrial control systems (ICS). CSET was  developed under the direction of the Department of  Homeland Security (DHS) Control Systems Security  Program (CSSP).
What is it?

The CSET is a desktop software tool that enables  users to assess their network and ICS  security  practices against recognized industry and government standards, guidelines, and practices. The completed  CSET assessment provides a prioritized list of  recommendations for increasing the cyber security  posture of an organization.s ICS or enterprise network  and identifies what is needed to achieve the desired  level of security within the specific standard(s)  selected.

Download it from here

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