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Data Loss Prevention Solutions worth evaluating


12Content Aware DLP Solutions worth evaluating

Data loss prevention is being considered as one among the key information security tools an enterprise needs. Here is a list of software vendors offering the Content-Aware Enterprise DLP solutions

  1. Symantec: Symantec DLP is one among the most comprehensive data loss prevention solution. Key features of this Data Loss Prevention solution includes Discovery, Monitoring, protection and management. It offers, network and end point data loss prevention capabilities. It recently introduced capabilities for data protection at tablets like iPad. It also offers social media data loss prevention capabilities
  2. McAfee: McAfee offers a wide range of DLP products such as DLP Discover, DLP Monitor, DLP Prevent, DLP Endpoint and DLP Device control. The good thing about the product is that it is integrated to the EPO for reporting. It is one among the comprehensive products for enterprise data loss prevention.
  3. WebSense: WebSense offers enterprise data loss prevention solution in line with Symantec and McAfee. The solution include capabilities such as endpoint, network and discovery of sensitive information and its protection. It offers DLP agents for Linux based workstations and offers SaaS service models
  4. EMC/RSA: RSA DLP offers comprehensive data loss protection solution ranging from Network DLP, Endpoint DLP, eDiscovery using DLP datacentre which addresses all the requirements of a DLP solution. Microsoft and Cisco DLP solutions are mostly based on the RSA DLP technology. From an enterprise perspective its network and discover data loss prevention is at par with the competition, but the endpoint capabilities requires improvements.
  5. CA: CA DLP solution offers Endpoint Security, Network Security and data discovery. It is not very strong in document matching and other data detection mechanism.
  6. Code Green Networks: TrueDLP is complete solution for Data loss prevention. It offers three distinct products like Network DLP, Discovery DLP and Endpoint DLP. Enterprises looking for a low cost DLP solution, this would be a good bet. It is not very popular outside US and has limited distribution channels. It is an early stage product when compared with similar products
  7. TrustWave: TrustWave offers comprehensive DLP solution covering the network, endpoint and discovery aspects of data loss prevention. its solution is capable of scanning the VMware files for sensitive data. A good DLP software for SMB market
  8. Fidelis Security Systems: The XPS range of products offers strong network data loss prevention capability. However, the endpoint or data discovery capabilities are either weak or does not exist. It supports mechanisms such as control over proxied and direct internet traffic, inspect all network traffic, including attachments and compressed files for sensitive content, identification of personally identifiable information, credit cards, source code, ePHI, classified information, operational security information (OPSEC), design documents, source code, financial statements, and other proprietary information. If you need a DLP solution for the network traffic, this one would be a good option.
  9. Palisade Systems: PacketSure Data Security Platform offers content aware DLP solution which includes network DLP, endpoint security along with URL filtering, IM proxy, application filtering and email/web proxy. The pricing is suitable for SMB. It integrates encryption solutions from PGP, Voltage Security and CISCO/ IronPort for automated remediation. However, based on their growth plans and/road map ( I did not find one) they have a very slow pace in coping up with other vendors. As my IT Manager to day commented, companies may find it difficult to get the latest advancements in these tools from Palisade.
  10. Trend-Micro: Trend micro DLP solution focuses on the Network and endpoint security with limited discovery capabilities. The advantage of this DLP is the ease of implementation and usage. An organization with Trend Micro solutions are implemented at the end points, it is a very good option to assess for the data loss prevention requirements.
  11. GTB Technologies: GTB suite of products offers Network DLP, Endpoint DLP and eDiscovery. the network DLP addresses the outbound data traffic and is capable of encrypt, quarantine, log and block data exposure. Endpoint DLP supports data encryption while moved to removable media. eDiscovery helps you find data and classify them from anywhere in the network. It offers a competitive pricing which is good for small organizations.
  12. Safend: Safend offers a very good endpoint security solution with integrated encryption capabilities. It does not provide any network DLP and the discovery is performed by the endpoint agents. The price range is bit on the higher side for similar products.

The above list provides a number of solutions I have looked into during the last 6-8 months. There would be feature changes in some of the above solutions. In addition to the technical features, you may need to look into other aspects such as support, language preferences etc.. before finalizing a data loss prevention product.

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