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Flame. the 3rd known cyber weapon grade malware


Kaspersky Labs announced its new finding on the cyber warfare space, FLAME, indicating that the cyberwar landscape is taking new dimensions. The new malware named Flame is located in the Middle Eastern region primarily Iran. The below image from Kaspersky blog indicates the detected Flame malware infections.

From the above, it may give a wrong impression that the infection rate is minimal. The above map indicates the detection only by Kaspersky, the infection rate would be 10 times higher than what we are seeing above. Still, considering a malware infection rate, it is minimal. So why we should worry about it? .

The key reason to worry about this malware includes:

  • Capability of information gathering using various mechanisms such as audio recording using the microphone, screen captures of interesting applications such as IM.s etc.
  • It has a command and control center thru which master-slave communication happens. Using this C&C center, a massive strike can be organized without much efforts.
  • The full impact of this malware is yet to be identified

The Flame Questions and Answers is a good post to give detailed information about the malware

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