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McAfee buys intelligence security co Insightix


Insightix Ltd., a developer of real-time security intelligence and control solutions, has been acquired by McAfee Inc. The companies did not disclose the size of the deal, but it was reportedly for $4-5 million. The acquisition follows a long period of collaboration.

Insightix was considered as having great promise in the network access control (NAC) segment of information security. The company says that its business security assurance (BSA) solution provides continuous real-time information about all the computer and communications systems linked to a network – an environment that became much more complicated with the entry of mobile computing.

Insightix’s performance did not meet early expectations as the NAC market waned and became irrelevant, at least until recently. The company had $1-2 million in annual sales, and was never able to exceed this level. CEO is Herb Zlotogorski led the company’s sale.

Source: Globes

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