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Middle East Cyberwar a review


In the last two weeks, there is a lot of hacking events occurred in the middle east region. Supporters of two countries have exchanged cyber warfare showing their might. In this event, there were lots of websites defaced, lot of data made available publicly, credit card numbers, Social Network and Email account details and other personally identifiable information were made public by both sides of the hackers. So many innocent people were exposed in these events.

What I can see is that many financial institutions as well as other organizations are targeted and either hacked or its services were denied to its customers by DDoS. The biggest challenge for a government is to figure out if a hack attack are really from the country the attacker claims so that they can decide whether it is part of a cyber warfare or just an attack without the government support or silent agreement.

Paolo Passeri is following these events and have made a very detailed timeline diagram with all events organized for very easy tracking

Checkout Paolo Passeri’s blog for more details

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