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10 resolutions for New Year 2012


All of us take resolutions in the new year. What is followed and what will be left out are points of discussion beyond this post, however, most of us make resolutions. Here is a list of resolutions you can take this new year. If you hold on to it, better it is.

  1. I will use strong Passwords : Change all your passwords into a stronger one. Try this post on Securing your password, which will help you build better passwords
  2. I will not reuse passwords: Password reuse enables someone who hacked one of your account to hack another account of your on another service including the bank accounts. Try some of the password managers
  3. I will install an Antivirus: If you haven.t installed one, use an antivirus software. Configure it to automatically download the virus definitions and updates
  4. I will think thrice before posting anything on the internet. Internet is not a safe place at all and anything personal you post in the online social networks will be soon public
  5. I will keep my PC updated: Botnets are being built by the friends in the other side of the internet. If you want to be away from being part of the botnets, it is better to keep the systems patched and updated. This gives no guarantees as the hackers can hack into the systems using vulnerabilities which are not public
  6. I will not click on links in the email claiming to be from a bank: I understand that it could be a fake email trying to get my passwords or install some malware on my system. Reading How to avoid phishing scams and Tips for keeping your online accounts secure can give some insights
  7. I will protect my wireless connection: Protecting wireless network is your responsibility. If not protected, people may use it to leach your bandwidth and more importantly, the actions performed by them will be counted by the ISP and legal institutions as performed by you.
  8. I will not use USB drives obtained free: USB drives are a new type of threat agents, if you get it free, it often contain some add-ons. This is true especially when the giver is not known to you and has no visible benefit when given to you like monitory benefit. However, it can later become an issue as these devices could contain rootkits and malware
  9. I will use encryption: Using encryption helps you protecting confidential data from attackers. Most of us use laptop computers and often it get lost to the public. Once lost, it is lost along with your data. Protection of the confidential data is important and encryption is the best way to protect the data. Also, it is the case with mobile phone.
  10. I use secure erasing tools for file deletion: Deleting and emptying the files from recycle bin will not actually delete files from the computer hard disks. Using secure erase software’s will ensure that the files are actually erased from your hard disks ad ensure protection.

These are some of my thoughts for new year resolution on the security front. If you think there are better ones, do share with me.

Wish you all a Happy and Secure New Year

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