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Critical Infrastructure system security in India


The recent power outage in the northern parts of India was part of a grid failure. However, it could have been a result of security failure as well. The security of these installations is considerably weak and such an attack would be hitting a much larger number of people across the country.

It is high time for India to build the cyber security framework for the protection of its critical systems. it is understood that such a move is happening under the leadership of the National Security Advisor, Mr. Shivshankar Menon.

It is an important responsibility of the Indian government to provide adequate funding, resources and training for these resources on priority. The focus of the cyber security strategy should be on detecting and preventing the attacks as well as building up the capability to retaliate if needed.

Assessing the impact of the recent malware infections such as stuxnet, it is said to have infected at least 50000 computers in India, our government shall speed up the implementation of cyber defence strategies for the protection of critical systems.

In your views what are the weakest points of cyber security framework in India?

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