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Fallout from the Christmas Hack of Stratfor


An interesting analysis of the Stratfor hack by Richard Stiennon

A cursory glance reveals the corporate email addresses and simple passwords from :

Cisco:  5  employees . including a high ranking executive who used a date for his password.
Juniper: Only 1
Gartner: 4 industry analysts
IBM: 8 employees
Microsoft: 3
Raytheon: 12 employees
SAIC: 15

The passwords revealed are an abject lesson in password strengths.  Do you really think adding a number to the end of a word makes it a better password?  optimus2, compaq23, Satellite1, kate29, magic78, chance10 were all easily cracked. Not to mention those that used: password, stratfor,  chickens, bamboo, mentor, fishhead, trophy, chicago, or the lovely .kisses. or the beguiling .lovecakes..

Read full article at Forbes

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