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Profiling a Vendor of Visa/MasterCard Plastics and Holograms


The cardholder data breach is not a new thing. It is been a nightmare for every CIO in the world. Dancho Danchev’s blog has an interesting article on how these compromised cardholder data is turned into a physical card. He is profiling a rougue plastic card vendor. His findings are listed below, specifically the cost part.

Translated vendor’s proposition:

Below you have prices and samples of my products.

Plastics – Blanks:

1-50 = 15each

51-100 = 14 each

101+ = 13 each

201+ = 12 each

Plastics – Embossed

1 and up = 20each

101+ = 18each

201+ = 17each

Minimum order: 200USD

Shipping to: USA, International orders(min $800 + shipping)

Plastics have UV Security print on Front and Back.

Holograms Stickers and Heatpress:

VISA – Silver/Gold

VISA mini – Silver/Gold

MasterCard – Silver/Gold

Minimum order on stickers: 500pcs

Minimum order on Heatpress: 1000pcs

$0.8 per hologram


Liberty Reserve (Prefered)

Western Union (500usd minimum + 8% WU fee)


Credits: This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev’s blog. Follow him onTwitter.

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