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Security predictions for 2011 – Unisys


Increasing levels of cyber crime, numerous regulatory and compliance requirements, and an explosion in usage of consumer devices and applications in the workplace will drive organizational investments in security solutions in 2011, according to Unisys security experts.

Unisys (NYSE: UIS) predicts that 2011 will likely see increased investments in biometrics-based protection of mobile devices, token-based encryption for sensitive transactions, port worker identification systems, business continuity planning, and geographic-based security access systems.

.The consumerization of IT trend presents a double-edged sword,. said Patricia Titus, chief information security officer at Unisys. .On one hand, ready access to popular devices and technologies gives consumers and employees a level of convenience and productivity they.ve never had before. On the other hand, security officers and professionals now must figure out how to address the new security challenges that arise as hundreds or thousands of these new devices and their associated applications are introduced into the enterprise infrastructure..

Unisys believes the following security trends will emerge in 2011 as organizations respond to the evolving threat landscape:

1. Increased focus on consumer device security policy . The consumerization of IT trend has created vulnerabilities in organizations. network perimeters. A recent Unisys-sponsored

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