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what is visa cisp?


VISA CISP is the Cardholder Information Security Program from VISA. This is similar to the program PCI DSS and is also known as VISA CISP PCI. Presently the visa cisp programme, has been replaced by the PCI DSS Compliance requirement. Visa mandated the visa cisp program with effective from 2001 and requires all its members to be in compliance with the visa cisp.

In 2004, VISA CISP requirements were incorporated into the PCI DSS Standard Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

Presently if you want your organization to be in compliance with VISA CISP, then you should look forward to the payment card industry data security standard. Even though VISA is maintaining the name VISA CISP, the visa website discusses the PCI standard in detail.

Is similar program called VISA AIS has been practiced. Again this program is transitioned to the PCI DSS standard compliance.

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